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Private Surgery at modern University Hospital

(Full range of General Surgery,Infertility Treatment,Spine Surgery,Total Knee and Hip Replacement,Urology...Etc.)

- Waiting time : 1-4 weeks!!

- Top quality personal and hospital service

- UK based personal help with procedure

- Less than half prices for majority of operation

- 1Hour 50 Min. fly time from London Airport to Czech Republic

Neurorehabilitation Private Clinic for Children 

(Cerebral Palsy,Children after Head Traumas,Cerebrovascular accidents, Etc.)

Includes : - Cosmic Therapy
                - Program of robotics devices
                - Open space room(interacting with other children)
                - Oxygen Therapy(regenerating of nerve cells)
                - Snoezelen room(music,aroma,lights,visual projection)
                - TheraSuit Therapy(Intensive Neurorehabilitation)
                - Education for parents
4 weeks intensive care - 104 Hours of intensive treatments under M.D. and highly trained personal physiotherapist result in great progress.

Fantastic price £3500 instead of £7280!! Parents can have a rest while professionals caring for there child...

Neurologist Jarmila Zipserova M.D. and her team of physiotherapists...