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Introduction Day in to:

1. In to Scoliosis Treatment

(Promotional price just £59 normally £200)

One day 9am - 5pm 

2.In to Back/Neck Pain + Disc Hernia

(Promotional price just £59 normally £200)

One day 9am - 5pm

3.In to Advance Sport Technique for Athletes and General Sport
 (Promotional price just £59 normally £200)

One day 9am - 5pm

4.In to Anatomy of using Muscle chain in Dynamic Motion - Understanding Functionality Active and Passive Muscles 

(Promotional price just £59 normally £200)

One day 9am - 5pm

All introduction days are for Health and Fitness Professionals as also for General Public

The price is deductible from the price of other courses!!  


Intensive Courses :

1.Scoliosis Treatment for General Public

(Child and adults/Parents-Carers) 

4 days intensive course 9am-5pm 

Price £761

2.Scoliosis Treatment for Health and Fitness Professional - Practitioners

4 days intensive course 9am-5pm

Price £761

3.Scoliosis and other Spine related Treatments  for Teachers of the Therapy + Advance Technique(Carpal Tunnel,Hip Replacement,Knee Replacement,Preparing and after care for Spine Surgery,Inner Organs etc.) Health and Fitness Professional
320 Hours of Theory,Manual Techniques,120 Special Exercises and active participating as assistant in 4 courses,business opportunities 
For the price or price plan please send enquiry below      

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4.Back Pain/Neck Pain - Disc Hernia - Acute and Chronic Treatment (Multidisciplinary approach and techniques for effective and quick pain relief)

Health and Fitness Professionals 

4 Days Intensive 9am-5pm

Price £539

5.Back/Neck Pain-Disc Hernia

Functional Diagnosis,X-Ray/MRI,

Therapy & Rehabilitation 

Theory (+ Anatomy),Manual Techniques,Special Exercises 

4 days intensive course 9am-5pm

Price £761

6.Excercises for Women  and Children

Healthy and unhealthy sports and exercises for Back,Stomach,Bum,Legs

(Includes also stretching techniques and explanation of Muscle functioning,Posture for Children in the school,showing potential risk of developed deformities)Fun way teaching for Children from 5y of age

2 Days Course for General Public

Price £249

7.Advance Sport Technique for Athletes and General Sport - Mainly for Personal Trainers,Sport Science and other Professionals. Fantastic opportunity for those who would like to progress and Teach Athletes,Olympics athletes and other top  Sport Professionals

4 days intensive course 9am-5pm

Price £761

8. Anatomy of using Muscle chain in Dynamic Motion - Understanding Functionality Active and Passive Muscles,Bone and Joint Alignment,Tendons Functioning,Detection of muscle weaknesses,correction-learn proper functionality - deep anatomy insights!   
Our Core Intensive Course 

4 days intensive course 9am-5pm

Price £761

Check actual dates for all Courses and Introduction days with us.


Courses and Workshops/Introduction days

Courses are for : Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapist, Personal Trainers, Masseurs and also Parents or Carers of children with Scoliosis

This Courses and Workshops introducing unique technique gradually developed in past 30 years with 25 years of clinical experience with more than 20.000 patients all over Europe,Scandinavia and Asia.

 You can even develop your own expertise and reach even for  teacher of this technique (level 1 and level 2)

Main themes : - Low Back Pain 

- herniation of discs (Differential diagnosis, Structural diagnosis, functional diagnosis, Acute and Chronic Herniation and back pain )

Causes of prolapse intervertebral discs, spondylosis, spondylarthtrosis, application of exercises,manual therapy and massage - prevention and regeneration.
FBS - Failed Back Surgery Syndrome and complication after Spine Surgery

                         - Scoliosis   ( Idiopathic, Neuropathic , Myopathic, Ossifikacio imperfecta)

Therapy of Idiopathic Scoliosis for children
Rehabilitation during and after corset therapy
Rehabilitation after Spine Fusion, preparing for rehabilitation-dramaticly shorter time for operation after care !!
Therapy for de-compensation in middle age
Therapy of Spine Stenosis 

Patients from 6-18 yo - possibility of complete compensation of the curve
Patients from 18-25 yo - possibility of compensation of muscle imbalance caused by  
                                                  corset therapy
Patients middle age compensation of muscle imbalance treatment for developed degeneration - prolapsed discs, spinal stenosis, cor kyphoscolioticum.

Special set of Exercises for  :       1. Traction
                                                        2.  Centralisation of Spine
                                                        3.  Mobilisation of Spine 

Manual Techniques - Relaxation and stretching :                     m. iliocostalis
                                                                                                    m.longissimus thoracis
                                                                                                    m. quadratus lumborum
                                                                                                    m. multifidus
                                                                                                    manual traction of spine
                                                                                                    mobilisation lumbar spine                                                                                                       and SI Joints

Inhibition sensomotoric functions and correction  Dynamic and Passive Muscle Chains.
Detection of Muscle dis-balance in Shoulder girdle, Abdominal area and  Lumbar area.

Course No.1   

 Acute Back Pain Treatment

£539 (Tus-Friday 9am - 5pm)

Aim : - With confidence assessing the patient

         - Help with acute pain (usually during               2-3 treatments - one week)

         - using multidisciplinary techniques

(Trigger Points, Dorn Method,Massage Techniques,Tractions, Hot Treatment Procedure Etc.) for immediate help and post care for up to 3-6 weeks

Course No.2   

Herniated - Slip Disc, Scoliosis Disease, Back Deformities , Chronic Pain,Sciatica, MRI,X-RAY Etc.

£761   (Tues. - Friday 9am - 5pm)

Aim :


Correction,Special Exercises,Mobility Treatment,Manual Techniques using SMS Method,Non - Invasive Treatment

Pre and Post Operation Care in Cases Where Operation is Necessary. 

Slipped Intervertebral Disc,Cervico-Brachial Syndrome,Mechanical Causes Of Back Pain - Treatment,Prevention,Regeneration,Conditioning

Course No. 3  

 Anatomy of Dynamic Muscle Chains,Spiral Muscle Chains, Vertical Muscle Chains - Application for Treatments, Prevention and Regeneration With Emphasis for Spine  by SMS Method, Arthrosis of the hip Joint(Preparation for complete endoprosthesis and follow up treatment,Cervico-Brachial Syndrome

£761    (Tues. - Friday  9am - 5pm)

Aim : Treatment,Regeneration for 

- Deforming dorsopathy : Kyphosis and Lordosis, Scoliosis,Spondylolysis,Intervertebral     Disc

- Spine Instability, Pain in Lower Back and Thoracic Spine

- Osteoporosis without pathological fracture

- Headaches,Neck Aches,Migraines

- Increase in mobility in Spine,Chest,Ribs

- Rehabilitation following Operation 

- Using SMS Method for Athletes,Olympionic...increasing sport potential by better using Dynamic Muscle Chains 

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